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First Porsche completed on June 8, 1948

First Porsche completed on June 8, 1948

First Porsche completed: On this day in 1948, a hand-built aluminum prototype labeled “No. 1” becomes the first vehicle to bear the name of one of the world’s leading luxury car manufacturers: Porsche.

The Austrian automotive engineer Ferdinand Porsche debuted his first design at the World’s Fair in Paris in 1900. The electric vehicle set several Austrian land-speed records, reaching more than 35 mph and earning international acclaim for the young engineer. He became general director of the Austro-Daimler Company (an outpost of the German automaker) in 1916 and later moved to Daimler headquarters in Stuttgart. Daimler merged with the Benz firm in the 1920s, and Porsche was chiefly responsible for designing some of the great Mercedes racing cars of that decade.

Porsche left Daimler in 1931 and formed his own company. A few years later, Adolf Hitler called on the engineer to aid in the production of a small “people’s car” for the German masses. With his son, also named Ferdinand (known as Ferry), Porsche designed the prototype for the original Volkswagen (known as the KdF: “Kraft durch Freude”, or “strength through joy”) in 1936. During World War II, the Porsches also designed military vehicles, most notably the powerful Tiger tank.

At war’s end, the French accused the elder Porsche of war crimes and imprisoned him for more than a year. Ferry struggled to keep the family firm afloat. He built a Grand Prix race car, the Type 360 Cisitalia, for a wealthy Italian industrialist, and used the money to pay his father’s bail. When Porsche was released from prison, he approved of another project Ferry had undertaken: a new sports car that would be the first to actually bear the name Porsche. Dubbed the Type 356, the new car was in the tradition of earlier Porsche-designed race cars such as the Cisitalia. The engine was placed mid-chassis, ahead of the transaxle, with modified Volkswagen drive train components.

The 356 went into production during the winter of 1947-48, and the aluminum prototype, built entirely by hand, was completed on June 8, 1948. The Germans subsequently hired Porsche to consult on further development of the Volkswagen. With the proceeds, Porsche opened new offices in Stuttgart, with plans to build up to 500 of his company’s own cars per year. Over the next two decades, the company would build more than 78,000 vehicles.

History Channel / Wikipedia / Britannica Encyclopedia / Auto Trader / Porsche 356 (YouTube) video

U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier USS Washington (U.S.Navy.mil)

The Old Salt’s Corner

The Combat Direction Center (CDC)

The CDC is not a specific department per se, but a function within operations (see below). The CDC’s mission is to keep the Commanding Officer apprised of the overall tactical situation and recommend courses of action as appropriate. CDC accomplishes this mission by collecting, processing, displaying, evaluating, and disseminating tactical information in a timely fashion. CDC is vested with tactical decision making responsibility with respect to ship’s defensive systems and makes recommendations to warfare commanders for overall battlegroup defense. Specific divisions are listed below:

1. OI Division

OI Division is responsible for tracking all surface and air contacts. This division provides tactical information support, control of the ship’s defenses, and supports ship’s safe navigation. Enlisted Operations Specialists (OSs) typically man this division.

2. OW Division

OW Division analyzes data collected from the electromagnetic spectrum. Its mission is to detect, identify, and classify air, surface, and subsurface contacts via passive detection means aided by the use of electronic support measures (ESM) equipment. Enlisted Electronics Warfare Technicians (EWs) typically man this division.

3. OX Division

The OX Division provides mission support to the battlegroup’s undersea warfare assets. It is responsible for the ship’s USW defensive systems and is the fusion center for all USW operations conducted by the carrier’s USW aircraft such as LAMPS helicopters and S-3A/Bs (see Module 2).

4. OEM Division

This division maintains the Phalanx Close In Weapons System (CIWS) for short-range defense against cruise missiles or aircraft. Most every ship has this system to help protect it from anti-ship cruise missiles. Enlisted Fire Control men (FCs) typically work in this division.

5. Meteorology (OA Division)

Meteorology (which is often referred to as "Metro") monitors environmental conditions affecting the battlegroup and provides data to use weather for possible tactical advantage. This is accomplished by providing forecasts of radar effectiveness and acoustic propagation conditions to aid in optional positioning and use of accompanying ships and aircraft. Enlisted Aerographer Mates (AGs), the navy’s weathermen, work in this division.

6. Strike Operations Division

Strike Operations Division coordinates with all warfare commanders to establish a viable AIRPLAN for battlegroup functions. During air operations, Strike Operations coordinates with Air Operations (see below), CDC, and the Air Department (AB, AP) to ensure that air sorties are managed to meet the requirements dictated by combined warfare commanders. In support of the air wing, Strike Operations aids in weaponeering of ordnance (i.e., determines what ordnance will best be employed to destroy either individual or specific sets of targets).

“I’m Just Sayin’”

“I’m Just Sayin”

“Happiness is nothing more than

good health and a bad memory.”

~ Albert Schweitzer

“Thought for the Day”

“Thought for the Day”

“Men who look upon themselves born to reign,

and others to obey, soon grow insolent.

Selected from the rest of mankind

their minds are early poisoned by importance;

and the world they act ine

differs so materially from the world at large,

that they have but little opportunity of knowing its true interests,

and when they succeed in the government

are frequently the most ignorant and

unfit of any throughout the dominions.”

~ Thomas Paine Common sense, 1776

“What I Have Learned”

“What I Have Learned”

“A real leader faces the music,

even when he doesn't like the tune.”

~ Anonymous

Bizarre News (we couldn’t make up stuff this good – real news story)

Bizarre News (we couldn’t make up stuff this good – real news story)

Giant Penis Mural To Be Painted Over After Stiff Resistance From Locals

Giant Penis Mural To Be Painted Over After Stiff Resistance From Locals

A much-discussed giant blue penis painted on a Stockholm apartment building was defaced just three days after it first appeared.

The five-storey penis has generated plenty of discussion since it was unveiled last week.

“Keep your penis inside” reads the graffiti painted on top of the artwork.

The company which owns the building, and was apparently given no prior warning before the penis popped up, announced on Friday that they would cover up the painting after complaints from residents in the central Kungsholmen neighbourhood.

However, the graffiti appears to be a marketing stunt rather than a protest at the painting.

The text included the name of a Swedish underwear brand, Petters Underwear, apparently keen to capitalize on the viral fame of Stockholm's blue penis.

Local residents headed to the area over the weekend to catch a glimpse or an Instagram snap of the mural, which has made headlines across the country.

The penis, painted in the blue and yellow colours of the Swedish flag, is the creation of artist Carolina Falkholt, who said she hoped to stimulate discussion about sex with her art.

It was painted on a legal graffiti wall established in Stockholm by the art organization Kollektivet Livet, meaning there was no need to consult with residents before painting it.

Art usually remains on the walls for around six months before being replaced by a new piece, but the Kungsholmen penis will be erased prematurely due to a high number of complaints.

READ ALSO: Giant snow penis causes headache in Gothenburg

THE LOCAL se (04/16/2018) video

How Does One Become A Knight?

Mr. Answer Man Please Tell Us: How Does One Become A Knight?


Since 1917, the British government has been awarding notable citizens with spots in the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, which just recently welcomed Beatle Ringo Starr into its ranks. Although the Order, which was established by King George V, was originally meant to honor top-notch civilian and military behavior in wartime, it quickly expanded to include peacetime achievements as well.

The Order has five separate ranks: Knight and Dame Grand Cross (GBE), Knight and Dame Commander (KBE and DBE, respectively), Commander (CBE), Officer (OBE), and Member (MBE). Achieving one of the first two ranks earns a person a slot in the knighthood, which means they can add "Sir" or "Dame" to their names, i.e. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Dame Judi Dench. All members of the Order of the British Empire can add the initials of their rank to the end of their names, though, which is why you sometimes read about celebrities with ranks following their names, like “Roger Daltrey CBE”.


Sort of. Notable non-Brits are only eligible for honorary knighthood, meaning they aren’t allowed to add “Sir” or “Dame” to their names. They do, however get to append the suffix “KBE” to their monikers if they so desire. Bono, Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, and Michael Bloomberg are all technically “KBEs”. If any of them later become citizens of the realm, the honor is usually made substantive and they are “bumped up” into real knighthood. In 2005, Irish-born BBC personality Terry Wogan received an honorary knighthood, and when he became a British citizen later that year, he could start making people call him Sir Terry Wogan.


Technically, the reigning monarch is the sovereign of the Order and is in charge of making all appointments. On a more practical level, though, the monarch receives counsel and recommendations from the Secretary of State for Defence and the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

Membership in the Order of the British Empire is available for all sorts of reasons, from superlative civil or military service to artistic achievement to charity work.


While lots of notable figures are offered the honor of joining the Order of the British Empire, only a few heavy-hitters get to become knights and dames commander. Simply put, these higher honors go to the bigger names. For example, current Dames Commander include Judi Dench, Jane Goodall, and Helen Mirren. Generally, it's a good idea to make a pretty substantial service and cultural contribution to the British realm.

A few members of the Order of the British Empire aren't technically knights within the organization's hierarchy, but they're allowed to call themselves “Sir”. These guys have been knighted by the monarchy, but not as part of an order of chivalry like the Order of the British Empire. They can call themselves “Sir”, but don’t have any additional letters added to their names. Elton John, Paul McCartney, and some other famous "Sirs” have this type of knighthood.


No. In fact, a number of people have turned down the honor due to uneasiness with its militaristic or imperialist overtones. According to an AP story, approximately two percent of the 3000 or so people offered spots in the Order each year decline them.

David Bowie supposedly twice declined offers to join, including an offer of knighthood in 2003, because he felt the whole business was a waste of time.

John Cleese rejected a CBE and said he felt much more honored when a Swiss zoologist named a lemur after him in 2005.

Vanessa Redgrave became a Commander of the British Empire in 1967, but she turned down an offer of damehood in 1999. When asked about the decision to just say no in 2002, Redgrave told The Independent, “My difficulty is in receiving anything that says British Empire, because I am a Unicef special representative at the service of children from any country. If there were no mention of the British Empire, I would be as honored as anybody. If I were asked to be a baroness, for example, I would see that in a different light.”

Keith Richards turned down a spot as Commander of the British Empire and viciously mocked bandmate Mick Jagger for taking a knighthood, which he called a “f***ing paltry honour”.

Generally, when a person declines an honor, they don't crow to the media about it. Rather, they discreetly tell the tale after some time has passed.


You don't get to joust or wear armor, but you do pick up a few unusual garments. Knights and Dames Grand Cross get to wear special gear to formal events like coronations. This getup includes a pink-with-gray-edges satin mantle and a collar of six gold medallions.

All members of the Order are allowed to wear the group's badge. The badge is basically a cross hanging from a pink ribbon with gray edges, although various ranks wear their badges in unique ways. Members and Officers simply wear their badges like military medals pinned to their chests, while higher-ups wear theirs on sashes or around their necks.

Other benefits include getting a spot in the British order of precedence, the arcane system that develops the hierarchy of ceremonial importance for things like state dinners. Furthermore, knights win their wives the right to be called "Lady," and Knights and Dames Grand Cross can modify their coats of arms to reflect the honor.

Britannica EncyclopediaMental FlossQuoraWikipedia How Does One Become A Knight? (YouTube) video

NAVSPEAK aka U.S. Navy Slang - U.S. Navy

NAVSPEAK aka U.S. Navy Slang

Single-up: To remove one 'loop' line of a doubled-up line, so that only a single line remains. During the act of getting underway, an order to “Single up all lines” is given, because the lines that are used to keep a ship moored to the pier are often doubled up, such that removal of first one 'loop' of line, then the other, is necessary before a ship can move away from the pier.

Sinker: Sonar Loss of contact with a submarine being tracked by a surface ship when the submarine submerges. Also refers to a friend who has become non-responsive. “John and I were buds on the (ship name) but then he went sinker and I never heard from him again.”

Sinking Sarah: USS Saratoga, which had issues with sinking while tied up alongside the pier.

Skate (noun): A sailor who avoids work in general while not being detected.

Skate (verb): To get out of work undetected, e.g. while being assigned to a 15 man working party.

Skate Golden (verb + adverb): To “skate” out of work while being assigned to a 5 man working party undetected.

Skater: A skate (see above).

Skateboard: A clipboard full of random papers carried as a skating prop, to provide a visual "excuse" for wandering around the ship.

Skeds-O: Schedules Officer.

Skidmark: The shit stains that one gets in one's underwear (see Skivvies) that are the result of wiping with cheap government toilet paper.

Skimmer: Skimmer Puke: Surface sailor.

Just for MARINES - The Few. The Proud.

Just for you MARINE

Wing Wiper Aviation person, usually a maintenance person and not a pilot.

Winger: Aviation Marine.

Naval Aviation Squadron Nicknames

Naval Aviation Squadron Nicknames

VFA-113 - “Stingers”
Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia Beach, Virginia, U.S. - Established August 15, 1948

Where Did That Saying Come From

Where Did That Saying Come From?

Where Did That Saying Come From? “Off the record”

Off the record:”  Meaning: Something said in confidence that the speaker doesn't want attributed to them.

History: Something said in confidence that the speaker doesn't want attributed to them.

This is an American phrase and began to be used there in the 1930s. The first citation I have of it 'on the record' is in a report of a social event attended by President Franklin Roosevelt, in the North Carolina newspaper The Daily Times-News, November 1932:

“He [Roosevelt] said that he was going to talk 'off the record', that it was mighty nice to be able to talk 'off the record' for a change and that he hoped to be able to talk 'off the record' often in the future. He told a couple of funny stones and everybody laughed and cheered.”

Phrases.org UK

Science & Technology

Science & Technology

Science & Technology

Japan Wants Lockheed Martin to Make an F-22/F-35 HybridScientists Discover New Species of 'Exploding Ant'The Technology in Guitar Pedals Has Reached a New Level of Tonal BlissGovernment Accidentally Releases Documents on “Psycho-Electric” WeaponsHow to Make Your Leather Shoes Last ForeverThe Ultimate Camping Gear GuideThis Moss Naturally Clears Arsenic From WaterScientists Discovered These Beautiful, Doomed, Purple Octopuses

Popular Mechanics

The Strange, Mysterious or Downright Weird

The Strange, Mysterious or Downright Weird

This Ice Is Nearly As Hot As the Sun. Scientists Have Now Made It on Earth

This Ice Is Nearly As Hot As the Sun. Scientists Have Now Made It on Earth

It's both solid and liquid, it's 60 times denser than ordinary water ice, and it forms at temperatures almost as hot as the sun's surface.

It's superionic ice - and for the first time, scientists have made it in the lab.

This high-pressure form of water ice has long been thought to exist in the interiors of Uranus and Neptune. But until now, its existence was only theoretical.

“Our work provides experimental evidence for superionic ice and shows that these predictions were not due to artifacts in the simulations, but actually captured the extraordinary behavior of water at those conditions”, Marius Millot, a physicist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, said in a statement from the laboratory. Millot was the leader author of a new study describing the work.

Scientists first predicted the existence of a weird water phase that makes the substance both solid and liquid at the same time 30 years ago. It's also way denser than ordinary water ice because it forms only under extreme heat and pressure, such as those found inside giant planets. During the superionic phase, the hydrogen and oxygen within water molecules behave bizarrely; hydrogen ions move like a liquid, inside of a solid crystal lattice of oxygen. [The Surprisingly Strange Physics of Water]

Uranus: This Ice Is Nearly As Hot As the Sun. Scientists Have Now Made It on Earth

Making the ice was complicated. First, the team compressed water into an ultrastrong cubic crystalline ice, in a different crystal form than what you see in ordinary ice cubes. To do that, the researchers used diamond anvil cells to apply 360,000 pounds per square inch (2.5 gigapascals (GPa) of pressure; that's about 25,000 times the atmospheric pressure on Earth). Next, the researchers heated and compressed the cells even further, using laser-driven shocks. Each crystal ice structure received up to six laser beams of more than 100 times that high pressure.

“Because we pre-compressed the water, there is less shock-heating than if we shock-compressed ambient liquid water”, Millot said. The new method lets researchers “access much colder states at high pressure than in previous shock-compression studies.”

Once the superionic ice was ready, the team moved quickly to analyze its optical and thermodynamic properties. They had only 10 to 20 nanoseconds to perform the work, before pressure waves released the compression, and the water dissolved. And the results were bizarre. They found that the ice melts at an extraordinary 8,540 degrees Fahrenheit (4,725 degrees Celsius ) at 29 million pounds per square inch (200 GPa) of pressure. That pressure is about 2 million times the atmospheric pressure on Earth.

“It's … mind-boggling that frozen water ice is present at thousands of degrees inside these planets, but that's what the experiments show”, Raymond Jeanloz, a co-author of the study and planetary physicist at the University of California, Berkeley, said in the same statement.

The new findings could provide a peek inside the interiors of planets such as Uranus and Neptune. Planetary scientists suggest these worlds' innards are composed of up to 65 percent water by mass, plus some ammonia and methane.

Neptune: This Ice Is Nearly As Hot As the Sun. Scientists Have Now Made It on Earth

Previous work suggested these planets would have “fully fluid” heat-transferring interiors, but the addition of superionic ice changes the picture. The new research instead proposes "a relatively thin layer of fluid and a large 'mantle' of superionic ice”, the researchers said in the statement.

That picture of the mini-giant planets' interiors would confirm a computer simulation performed a decade ago that tried to explain the weird magnetic fields at Uranus and Neptune. Uranus' magnetic field is tilted 59 degrees away from the planet's axis. Neptune's magnetic poles have a roughly 47-degree tilt. This is extreme compared with Earth, which has only an 11-degree tilt. Their magnetic fields also may behave differently; for example, Uranus' field may turn on and off like a strobe.

More detailed study of these planets will have to wait until a spacecraft is available. Fortunately, NASA is proposing a Uranus and/or Neptune spacecraft that would zoom out to these planets sometime in the next few decades. Meanwhile, the experimenters plan to push their compression further to simulate conditions inside of even larger giant planets, such as Jupiter or Saturn.

Live Science (04/20/2018) video

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“Space Oddity” - David Bowie 1969

“Space Oddity” - David Bowie
Album: David Bowie
Released 1969 video

David Bowie wrote this after seeing the 1968 Stanley Kubrick movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. “Space Oddity” is a play on the phrase “Space Odyssey”, although the title does not appear in the lyrics. The song tells the story of Major Tom, a fictional astronaut who cuts off communication with Earth and floats into space.

In a 2003 interview with Performing Songwriter magazine, Bowie explained: “In England, it was always presumed that it was written about the space landing, because it kind of came to prominence around the same time. But it actually wasn't. It was written because of going to see the film 2001, which I found amazing. I was out of my gourd anyway, I was very stoned when I went to see it, several times, and it was really a revelation to me. It got the song flowing. It was picked up by the British television, and used as the background music for the landing itself. I'm sure they really weren't listening to the lyric at all (laughs). It wasn't a pleasant thing to juxtapose against a moon landing. Of course, I was overjoyed that they did. Obviously, some BBC official said, 'Oh, right then, that space song, Major Tom, blah blah blah, that'll be great.' 'Um, but he gets stranded in space, sir.' Nobody had the heart to tell the producer that.”

This was originally released in 1969 on Bowie's self-titled album and timed to coincide with the moon landing. Released as a single, the song made #5 in the UK, becoming his first chart hit in that territory. In America, the single found a very small audience and bubbled under at #124 in August 1969.

When the BBC used this during coverage of the moon landing, there was a great fear that if the missions in space didn't go well, this song would suddenly become inappropriate.

This was originally written by Bowie as a guitar song. It was the producer Gus Dudgeon who turned it into an epic.

In 1972, the album was re-titled Space Oddity and re-issued in the U.S. after Bowie achieved modest success in America with the singles “Changesvideo (#66) and “The Jean Genievideo (#71). The newly released “Space Oddity” single made #15, becoming Bowie's first U.S. Top 40.

Session musician Herbie Flowers (“Walk On The Wild Sidevideo, “Diamond Dogsvideo) played bass on this track. He recalled his experience working on this to Uncut magazine June 2008: “The first time I played with Bowie was on the session for 'Space Oddity.' Dear Gus (Dudgeon) was quaking in his boots. It might have been the first thing he ever produced. 'Space Oddity' was this strange hybrid song. (Keyboardist) Rick Wakeman went out to buy a little Stylophone for seven shillings from a small shop on the corner where Trident Studios was. With that and all the string arrangements, it's like a semi-orchestral piece.”

Jimmy Page told Uncut magazine June 2008: “I played on his records, did you know that? His very early records when he was Davy Jones & The Lower Third. The Shel Talmy records. I can think of two individual sessions that I did with him. He said in some interview that on one of those sessions I showed him these chords, which he used in 'Space Oddity'-but he said, 'Don't tell Jim, he might sue me.' Ha ha!”

An early version of this song is performed by David Bowie in Love You Till Tuesday, a promotional film made in 1969 which was designed to showcase the talents of Bowie.

In 1969, this song was awarded the coveted Ivor Novello Award alongside Peter Sarstedt's “Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)?video

The Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield recorded this song during his stay at the International Space Station in 2013, using a guitar that stays on the station. The female singer/songwriter Emm Gryner, who was part of Bowie's live band in 1999-2000, put the song together, adding additional tracks and incorporating space station sounds that Hadfield had posted to his Soundclound account. A video was compiled using footage of Hadfield performing the song in space, complete with shots of planet Earth, his floating acoustic guitar, and a weightless Hadfield. The sublime compilation was posted on May 12, 2013; it quickly racked up millions of views on YouTube and got the attention of Bowie, who posted about it on his social media accounts, calling it "quite possibly the most poignant version of the song ever created."

When Bowie was recording the song, he decided that he wanted real strings and Mellotron together. However, the musicians struggled to play the electronic keyboard instrument. It was Tony Visconti who suggested Rick Wakeman as somebody who could keep the Mellotron in tune. Wakeman recalled to Uncut:

“David said, 'Get him.' I was rehearsing with a 17-piece band in Reading, so I drove up. It was a doddle to do, to be honest. I loved the song, and I'm also credit has to go to David and Tony as I don't think anyone else at that particular time would have heard Mellotron on that piece, where it came in. There would have been other things more obvious to do. It was clever.”

David Bowie official site / Billboard / All Music / Song Facts / Ultimate Classic Rock / David Bowie

Image: “David Bowie (album)” by David Bowie



● According to the children's story, which old man carved the puppet Pinocchio? Geppetto.

● James Buchanan, in 1860-61 was President of the United States when seven states seceded from the union.

● Mathematicians of what civilization were first to divide the day into 24 hours and the year into 360 days? Babylonians.


A Test for People Who Know Everything

From the Jeopardy Archives Category - “WHAT THE CITY NAME MEANS” ($200):

“God's Guidance & Care, Rhode Island.”

Answer for People Who Do Not Know Everything, or Want to Verify Their Answer 50 States

From the Jeopardy Archives Category - “WHAT THE CITY NAME MEANS” ($400):

“Grassy Plain, Georgia.”

Answer for People Who Do Not Know Everything, or Want to Verify Their Answer Southeast Discovery

From the Jeopardy Archives Category - “WHAT THE CITY NAME MEANS” ($1,000):

“Ottawa Chief, Michigan.”

Answer for People Who Do Not Know Everything, or Want to Verify Their Answer Access Genealogy

Answer to Last Week's Test

From the Jeopardy Archives Category - “BASEBALL IN UNIFORM” ($200):

Bob Feller left the Cleveland Indians for the Navy on December 9, 1941, two days after hearing this news on his way to a contract meeting.”

● Answer: The Bombing of Pearl Harbor. Britannica Encyclopedia

From the Jeopardy Archives Category - “BASEBALL IN UNIFORM” ($600):

Seen here as Navy bluejackets are Pee Wee Reese & Phil Rizzuto, two greats at this position.”

● Answer: Shortstop. MLB

From the Jeopardy Archives Category - “BASEBALL IN UNIFORM” ($1,000):

“During off-seasons in the late '50s and early '60s, this Hall of Famer transformed from a Pirate into a Marine.”

● Answer: Reberto Clemente. Marines.TogetherWeServed

Joke of the Day

Joke of the Day

Joke of the Day Poo Pumper

Joke of the Day I Know I'm Married

Joke of the Day Mentally Unbalanced

Joke of the Day Cow, McDonald's Hits Africa

Joke of the Day Cow,Bad Day

“Having a Bad Day?”

“Remember, it can always be worse.”