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Week 21, 2019

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Apollo program: Apollo 10: Lunar Landing Dress Rehearsal on May 26, 1969

Apollo program: Apollo 10: Lunar Landing Dress Rehearsal on May 26, 1969

Apollo program: Apollo 10: Lunar Landing Dress Rehearsal: The Apollo 10 mission in 1969 simulated a descent to the lunar surface. The mission's crew of Thomas Stafford, Eugene Cernan and John Young went through the steps of separating the command module spacecraft from the lunar lander (also called the lunar module) and bringing the lunar module through the first part of its descent to the surface. Although Apollo 10 stopped short of landing on the moon by about 50,000 feet (15,000 meters), it was a key test ahead of the successful Apollo 11 landing of July 20, 1969.

Stafford was the commander of Apollo 10. A U.S. Air Force flight test instructor, he was part of the second group of astronauts to join NASA in 1962. He already had two spaceflights behind him: Gemini 6 - which featured the first rendezvous in space with another maneuverable spacecraft - and Gemini 9. He later was commander of the first Apollo-Soyuz mission.

Cernan, the lunar module pilot of Apollo 10, was aboard Gemini 9 as well. He performed a spacewalk during the Gemini 9 mission. Before joining NASA in 1963, he was a U.S. Navy aviator. Cernan later became the last Apollo astronaut to walk on the moon as commander of Apollo 17.

Young, who would pilot the command module, was already a veteran of two Gemini missions: inaugural flight Gemini 3, and commander of Gemini 10. A former Navy test pilot, Young had performed a docking in space, which would be crucial for Apollo 10. Young later commanded Apollo 16 and was the ninth astronaut to walk on the moon. He also commanded the first space shuttle launch in 1981 and the ninth space shuttle mission in 1983, both aboard Columbia. [Video: John Young: Why We Must Fly in Space]

Apollo program: Apollo 10: Lunar Landing Dress Rehearsal on May 26, 1969

Apollo 10 legacy

The 50th anniversary of Apollo 10 is May 26, 2019. Command module “Charlie Brown” is on permanent display at the Science Museum in London, while Lunar module “Snoopy” is on a permanent orbit around the sun.

Apollo 10 served as a crucial dress rehearsal for Apollo 11, which landed two astronauts safely on the moon in July 1969. NASA followed that up with six more lunar landing attempts between 1969 and 1972; only Apollo 13 did not meet that objective, due to a severe mechanical difficulty that forced the mission to return to Earth.

NASA refocused its human exploration program on low Earth orbit in the 1970s, moving to programs such as the space shuttle and the International Space Station.

In 2017, however, the agency was asked by the Trump administration to bring humans to the moon again before heading to Mars. The agency is in preliminary design work for a lunar space station, called the Deep Space Gateway, and is also working on the Orion spacecraft to bring humans to the moon in the 2020s.

Space / Wikipedia / Encyclopedia Britannica / NASA / Lunar and Planetary Institute / Apollo program: Apollo 10: Lunar Landing Dress Rehearsal on May 26, 1969 (YouTube) video


The Old Salt’s Corner


In the heart of the blackest abyss, down,

Down, in fathoms deep crypt, where light,

Does not penetrate, and the structured protective hauls,

Of men, are crushed beneath pressures massive

Weight, of the oceans deepest depth.

This is truly inner spaces aquatic zone of the

Unknown, a realm of stilled silence frozen

In the icy currents of the barren straights.

Where prehistoric giants dwell, amongst the

Tidal flow, ambush predators, forgotten beasts,

From long ago, living krakens whom devour

All life, hidden within their dark domain.

In Poseidon's mighty anger, the waves answer

To his fists of fury, hurricanes wrath of vengeance,

Gives birth to the perfect storms rage,

Vessels rise and than fall in the tidal surging


Nay do the sailors cry out to the Lord God on high,

For redemption's salvation, but the sacrificial altars must

Be appeased, by flesh and bloods sacred offerings.

Summons does the mighty lord of the seven seas,

To release the last of the ancient Leviathans.

Two thousand hands, of a thousand dead men,

Heave and pull at the tethering heavy chains,

To this devil of the depths cage.

From within interments vaulted keep,

Captivities living spawn from hell, is

Unshackled and released, to reek havocs

Devastation above.

An aquatic spider, a maritime widow maker,

Flexing and in-flexing, its body’s motions,

Towards the surface, in pulsations rhythmic

Orchestrations, the gray giant is ready to strike,

With its killing arms extended wide, to grapple

At its unprotected prey, to engorge itself with

All living matter that it surveys, within its icy reach.

As bubbles shoot upwards breaking the waters

Surface, suction cups and talon claws are drawn

Outwards, aligning his eight legged tentacles of bone

Crushing death, behold the Giant Squid, instrument of

Lethal torture, a living killing machine from the fathoms

Deepest depths.

For it is the beast, the true essence of evil

Incarnate, and none survive its destructive wrath.

~ Cherl Dunn

“I’m Just Sayin’”

“I’m Just Sayin”

“Fate leads the willing,

and drags along the reluctant.”

“Nothing is so wretched or foolish

as to anticipate misfortunes.

What madness is it

to be expecting evil before it comes.”

“There are in nature

neither rewards nor punishments,

there are consequences.”

“Religion is regarded

by the common people as true,

by the wise as false,

and by rulers as useful.”

~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca (4 BC – AD 65)

“Thought for the Day”

“Thought for the Day”

“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.”

“With malice toward none, with charity for all,

with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right,

let us strive on to finish the work we are in,

to bind up the nation’s wounds,

to care for him who shall have borne the battle

and for his widow and his orphan,

to do all which may achieve

and cherish a just and lasting peace

among ourselves and with all nations.”

~ Abraham Lincoln

“What I Have Learned”

“What I Learned”

“Obstacles are weights that when time flows,”

you'll get used to.”

“One good turn deserves another.”

“Out of the frying pan, into the fire.”

~ Anonymous

Second Hand News

Second Hand News (Links to Articles from Week 21 - May 20, 2019 - May 26, 2019)

Top News Stories - Photos (Washington Examiner) USDA promises $16B for farmers to offset China trade war lossesRepublicans: Pelosi 'blowing things up' in Congress with Trump cover-up accusationPelosi: Trump stormed out of White House meeting because he wanted impeachmentInfectious diseases a rising threat among migrants at southern border

Banks hand Trump's financial records over to HouseElijah Cummings denies wife's charity is conflict of interest or tax violation‘American Taliban’ John Walker Lindh: ISIS ‘doing a spectacular job’‘American Taliban’ fighter John Walker Lindh released from federal prison

Editor's Picks: Senators demand answers over early release of 'American Taliban' John Walker LindhTrump busts up infrastructure meeting after Pelosi accuses him of cover-upEx-FBI lawyer: Carter Page FISA application approved in 'unusual' way by McCabe, Yates, and BakerFormer Obama Administration Attorney General Loretta Lynch denies telling James Comey to call Clinton email probe a 'matter' instead of an 'investigation'

Father of suspect in Colorado school shooting is an illegal immigrant who was deported three timesWife of Rep. Elijah Cummings received millions from special interest groups and corporations that had business before her husband’s committee'I hate this PC Navy': Old salts dismayed by downfall of master chief over Pence 'strip club' quipAttorney General William Barr confronts Nancy Pelosi: “Madam Speaker, did you bring handcuffs?”

Commentary - Washington Secrets - Red Alert: Supreme Court decisions: A guide to the coming floodCan America unite for anything anymore?Is Trump really making Democrats depressed, or is it just cool to be sad?Deter Iran, yes; war with Iran, no Washington Examiner

Top News Stories - Photos (Daily Mail) John Walker Lindh is 'released from prison' amid outrage at decision to free American Taliban after 17 yearsDaughter and father of CIA agent who was killed after interrogating 'American Taliban' John Walker Lindh in Afghanistan say his early release from prison is a 'slap in the face'Iran's youth 'will witness the demise of America and Israel', Ayatollah Khamenei vowsChristians face EXTINCTION in Iraq after ISIS forced 125,000 to flee their homes, Archbishop warns

Trump White House, Pelosi and Schumer Rose Garden press conference: 'I don't do cover-ups' - Pelosi 'I pray for the President of the United States and I pray for the United States of America'West Point celebrates its most diverse class ever with 34 black female graduates and 19 Hispanic female graduatesTwo pairs of F-22 Raptors intercept Russian strategic bombers probing U.S. air defenses near Alaska for the SECOND day in a row

Attorney General William Barr blasts federal judges for undermining Trump by issuing nationwide rulings on immigration and healthcare lawsMajor Texas border station has been closed for fever outbreak after a 16-year-old boy died while in immigration custody

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says growing cauliflower is 'COLONIAL' as she insists community gardens central to her Green New DealTwo presidents of Eastern Virginia medical school knew about the Ralph Northam blackface yearbook photo before it became public knowledgeMichael Avenatti is charged with defrauding Stormy Daniels by using 'doctored document to divert $300,000 she was supposed to get from a book deal' Daily Mail UK

Top News Stories - Photos (John Batchelor) House Democrats choose Federal judges to harry the White House. audio

Red China is not tomorrow's world hegemon. audio

South Korea chooses appeasing Kim over prosperity. audio

Caspian Sea Basin natural gas is an answer to Russian bad acting. audio

Putin reacted in amazement and befuddlement to Trump's 2016 election. audio

Investigate the Investigators: Attorney General William Barr names lawman John Durham to investigate the FBI investigators of 2016. audio John Batchelor (05/23/2019)

CORRUPTION CHRONICLES - Mainstream Media Scream: (Watch Dog On-Line Publications) CORRUPTION CHRONICLES: JUDICIAL WATCH SUES FOR SECRET FBI CHART OF POTENTIAL VIOLATIONS OF LAW BY FORMER SECRETARY OF STATE HILLARY CLINTONJudicial Watch Announces an Expert Special Panel Presentation: ‘Investigating the Investigators’Feds Use DUI Arrest Records to Catch Illegal Aliens Released by Sanctuary CitiesJudge Orders Antifa Activist Yvette Felarca to Pay Judicial Watch Legal Fees for Her ‘Entirely Frivolous’ Lawsuit

Judicial Watch EXPOSED Obama Admin’s Role in Corrupt Investigation of TrumpThe Qatar Connection: Judicial Watch Probes Funding of U.S. UniversityObama Judge Orders Florida to Provide Spanish Ballots for Puerto Ricans by 2020 ElectionU.S. Government Media Network Extols “Press Freedom” After Firing Journalists Over Soros Report Judicial Watch

What is a Sonic Boom?

Mr. Answer Man Please Tell Us: What is a Sonic Boom?

A sonic boom is the sound associated with the shock waves created whenever an object travelling through the air travels faster than the speed of sound. Sonic booms generate enormous amounts of sound energy, sounding similar to an explosion or a thunderclap to the human ear. The crack of a supersonic bullet passing overhead or the crack of a bullwhip are examples of a sonic boom in miniature.

Sonic booms due to large supersonic aircraft can be particularly loud and startling, tend to awaken people, and may cause minor damage to some structures. They led to prohibition of routine supersonic flight over land. Although they cannot be completely prevented, research suggests that with careful shaping of the vehicle the nuisance due to them may be reduced to the point that overland supersonic flight may become a practical option.

A sonic boom does not occur only at the moment an object crosses the speed of sound; and neither is it heard in all directions emanating from the speeding object. Rather the boom is a continuous effect that occurs while the object is travelling at supersonic speeds. But it only affects observers that are positioned at a point that intersects a region in the shape of a geometrical cone behind the object. As the object moves, this conical region also moves behind it and when the cone passes over the observer, they will briefly experience the boom.

What is a Sonic Boom?


When an aircraft passes through the air it creates a series of pressure waves in front of the aircraft and behind it, similar to the bow and stern waves created by a boat. These waves travel at the speed of sound and, as the speed of the object increases, the waves are forced together, or compressed, because they cannot get out of each other's way quickly enough. Eventually they merge into a single shock wave, which travels at the speed of sound, a critical speed known as Mach 1, and is approximately 1,235 km/h (767 mph) at sea level and 20 °C (68 °F).

In smooth flight, the shock wave starts at the nose of the aircraft and ends at the tail. Because the different radial directions around the aircraft's direction of travel are equivalent (given the “smooth flight” condition), the shock wave forms a Mach cone, similar to a vapour cone, with the aircraft at its tip. The half-angle between direction of flight and the shock wave.

There is a rise in pressure at the nose, decreasing steadily to a negative pressure at the tail, followed by a sudden return to normal pressure after the object passes. This “overpressure profile” is known as an N-wave because of its shape. The “boom” is experienced when there is a sudden change in pressure; therefore, an N-wave causes two booms – one when the initial pressure-rise reaches an observer, and another when the pressure returns to normal. This leads to a distinctive "double boom" from a supersonic aircraft. When the aircraft is maneuvering, the pressure distribution changes into different forms, with a characteristic U-wave shape.

Since the boom is being generated continually as long as the aircraft is supersonic, it fills out a narrow path on the ground following the aircraft's flight path, a bit like an unrolling red carpet, and hence known as the boom carpet. Its width depends on the altitude of the aircraft. The distance from the point on the ground where the boom is heard to the aircraft depends on its altitude and the angle.

What is a Sonic Boom?

Perception, noise and other concerns

The sound of a sonic boom depends largely on the distance between the observer and the aircraft shape producing the sonic boom. A sonic boom is usually heard as a deep double “boom” as the aircraft is usually some distance away. However, as those who have witnessed landings of space shuttles have heard, when the aircraft is nearby the sonic boom is a sharper “bang” or “crack”. The sound is much like that of mortar bombs, commonly used in firework displays. It is a common misconception that only one boom is generated during the subsonic to supersonic transition; rather, the boom is continuous along the boom carpet for the entire supersonic flight. As a former Concorde pilot puts it, “You don't actually hear anything on board. All we see is the pressure wave moving down the aeroplane - it gives an indication on the instruments. And that's what we see around Mach 1. But we don't hear the sonic boom or anything like that. That's rather like the wake of a ship - it's behind us”.

In 1964, NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration began the Oklahoma City sonic boom tests, which caused eight sonic booms per day over a period of six months. Valuable data was gathered from the experiment, but 15,000 complaints were generated and ultimately entangled the government in a class action lawsuit, which it lost on appeal in 1969.

There has been recent work in this area, notably under DARPA's Quiet Supersonic Platform studies. Research by acoustics experts under this program began looking more closely at the composition of sonic booms, including the frequency content. Several characteristics of the traditional sonic boom “N” wave can influence how loud and irritating it can be perceived by listeners on the ground. Even strong N-waves such as those generated by Concorde or military aircraft can be far less objectionable if the rise time of the overpressure is sufficiently long. A new metric has emerged, known as perceived loudness, measured in PLdB. This takes into account the frequency content, rise time, etc. A well-known example is the snapping of one's fingers in which the “perceived” sound is nothing more than an annoyance.

What is a Sonic Boom?


The cracking sound a bullwhip makes when properly wielded is, in fact, a small sonic boom. The end of the whip, known as the “cracker”, moves faster than the speed of sound, thus creating a sonic boom. The whip is probably the first human invention to break the sound barrier.

A bullwhip tapers down from the handle section to the cracker. The cracker has much less mass than the handle section. When the whip is sharply swung, the energy is transferred down the length of the tapering whip. Goriely and McMillen showed that the physical explanation is complex, involving the way that a loop travels down a tapered filament under tension

NASAEncyclopedia BritannicaLockheed MartinQuoraWikipedia / What is a Sonic Boom? (YouTube) video

NAVSPEAK aka U.S. Navy Slang - U.S. Navy

NAVSPEAK aka U.S. Navy Slang

Dago: San Diego or Diego Garcia.

Dammit: Proper way to read an exclamation point quietly. “You are a shitbag!” becomes “You are a shitbag, dammit.”

Dain Bramaged: The USS Bainbridge.

Danger nut: A “fun” game in which one or more sailors place a washer or nut around a rod or similar metal device and then hold it to a steam vent. The washer or nut spins wildly due to the high pressure of the steam. Once it reaches a high enough speed, the rod is turned so that the steam blows the object completely off the rod and likely at another sailor, who then has to dodge the “danger nut”.

D.B.F.: Diesel Boats Forever: (marking on an) unauthorized pin showing a non-nuclear submarine.

DD: Destroyer, class of ship. Originally a Torpedo Boat Destroyer, then later, just Destroyer.

DDG: Destroyer, Guided Missile, class of ship.

Dear John (or Jane) Letter: A letter (or nowadays, e-mail) that a sailor receives in which his or her significant other breaks up with or leaves him or her whilst the latter is deployed.

Deck: Floor.

Deckplate: Derogatory term for the lowest worker.

Deck Plate: Leadership: That level of leadership greatly appreciated by commanding officers and the ward room: Enlisted personnel who know what needs to be done, how to do it well and right, and who are able to lead the people working for them to get the job done. This is the expected norm in the United States Navy.

Deck Ape: Non-designated enlisted person serving on the deck force.

Deep Six:

(1) Term for throwing something overboard; refers to the “Deep Six”, the lowest fathom (six feet) before the ocean floor. Has been mostly replaced by Float Checking.

(2) To permanently dispose of something as if it never existed. Example: if told to “Deep Six” a piece of paper you would burn or shred it instead of just throwing it away (round filing or file thirteen).

Just for MARINES - The Few. The Proud.

Just for you MARINE

D & D: Drunk and Disorderly, an entry formerly made on the liberty list beside the name of any Marine returning from liberty in that condition; not to be confused with the game, “Dungeons & Dragons”.

Daijoubu: OK, from Japanese for “don't worry”.

Daily 7 or Daily 16 : Stretches and exercises used as a warmup for other, more strenuous physical training.

Dark Green/Light Green: Common reference to a Marine's skin color. Marines are not black or white, the saying goes, only different shades of green.

Dead Horse: o draw advance pay out of the normal pay cycle, the Marine is then obligated to repay the debt at the government's convenience.

Deck: Floor or surface of the earth; to punch or knock down with one blow.

Naval Aviation Squadron Nicknames

Naval Aviation Squadron Nicknames

Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 40 (VRC-40 Detachment 2) - nicknamed the “Rawhides”

United States Navy - Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia - Established July 1, 1960.

Where Did That Saying Come From

Where Did That Saying Come From?

Where Did That Saying Come From? “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”

The squeaky wheel gets the grease:”  Meaning: American proverb used to convey the idea that the most noticeable (or loudest) problems are the ones most likely to get attention. It is alternately expressed as “The squeaky wheel gets the oil”.

Said to emphasize that attention is paid to those problems that are made most noticeable.

You can get better service if you complain about something. If you wait patiently, no one's going to help you.

History: The origin of the squeaky wheel metaphor is unknown, but its current form is attributed to American humorist Josh Billings who is said to have popularized it in his putative poem “The Kicker” circa 1870:

“I hate to be a kicker,

I always long for peace,

But the wheel that squeaks the loudest,

Is the one that gets the grease.”

However, this poem has been attributed to various authors, anonymous or otherwise, and its provenance has never been verified. The first publication of the poem can be traced only to 1910. For unknown reasons, in 1937 Bartlett's Familiar Quotations attributed the poem to Henry Wheeler Shaw, whose pen name was Josh Billings.


Science & Technology

Science & Technology

Science & Technology

The 'stuff' of the universe keeps changing'Inkjet' solar panels poised to revolutionise green energyLove it and leave it: Social media effects explored by researchersNovel hypothesis goes underground to predict future of Greenland ice sheetResearchers create first carbon fibers with uniform porous structureResearch using atom probe tomography reveals chinks in iron crystals that can 'heal'Structure of virus that infects bacteria in hot springs is revealedWomen's brains appear three years younger than men's

Phys.org / MedicalXpress / TechXplore

Bizarre News (we couldn’t make up stuff this good – real news story)

Bizarre News (we couldn’t make up stuff this good – real news story)

Snack Attack! Chip Factory Finds WWI Grenade Packed in Potatoes

Snack Attack! Chip Factory Finds WWI Grenade Packed in Potatoes

Workers in a Hong Kong potato chip factory recently unpacked a bushel of trouble, when they discovered that a shipment of French potatoes contained a German hand grenade dating to World War I.

The spherical grenade was found on Feb. 2 at about 9 a.m. local time at the Calbee Four Seas Company factory in Hong Kong, China, Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported. It measured about 3 inches (8 centimeters) wide, weighed about 2 lbs. (1 kilogram) and was thought to be in “an unstable condition”, Hong Kong Police Force superintendent Wilfred Wong Ho-hon told AFP.

Police identified the bomb as German-made, deployed in a war that ended more than a century ago. Judging by the grenade's potato-like camouflage of mud and soil, the bomb was likely long buried on a French WWI battlefield that later became a potato farm, the AFP reported. [10 of the Most Powerful Explosions Ever]

After securing the area, officers with the Hong Kong Police Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau detonated the grenade outdoors at the factory site around noon; they placed it in a hole in the road and triggered an explosion with a high-pressure water jet, police representatives posted on Facebook.

Snack Attack! Chip Factory Finds WWI Grenade Packed in Potatoes

Using powerful water jets to detonate or even destroy bombs from a distance is a method that has been employed by demolitions experts since the 1990s, according to the U.S. Navy. One method used by bomb-disposal robots to prevent explosions is to shoot high-pressure water jets at exposed wires; dislodging them could break a critical circuit, disrupting a bomb's power supply and rendering it inert, the BBC reported in 2016.

In Hong Kong, Police recorded time-lapse video of the detonation and shared it on Twitter, offering an exclusive glimpse at preparations that ended (safely) with a bang.

Infantry soldiers during WWI used dozens of types of grenades, including spherical ball grenades like this one, according to the Canadian War Museum. Though the Hong Kong grenade is thought to have been German in origin, German soldiers at the time typically favored the stick grenade; it had a smaller explosive charge, but could be thrown farther.

In similar news, a recently found WWII-era grenade was detonated safely by bomb experts in Florida. However, officials didn't learn about the grenade until after the couple who found it brought it to their local Taco Bell.

Live Science (02/04/2019) video

© CEASAR CHOPPY by cartoonist Marty Gavin - archives Ceasar Choppy's Navy! “© CEASAR CHOPPY” by Marty Gavin


“Oh Well” - Fleetwood Mac 1969

“Oh Well” - Fleetwood Mac
https://www.songfacts.com/facts/fleetwood-mac/oh-well Album: Then Play On
Released 1969 video

At the time, Fleetwood Mac was a successful blues band known for their raucous stage shows. Their albums consistently sold about 300,000 copies and they were known as outstanding musicians. When Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham joined the band in 1974, they changed their sound and became one of the best-selling bands ever. Until then, “Oh Well” was the only Fleetwood Mac song that made the Hot 100 in America; they did have several UK hits in this era, including the #1 “Albatrossvideo.

This was one of Peter Green's last contributions to Fleetwood Mac. He was revered as one of the greatest guitarists and songwriters of the time, having replaced Eric Clapton in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers before forming Fleetwood Mac in 1967. He became a high profile acid casualty in 1970 when he suffered a mental breakdown and left the band, devoting himself to religious practice and proclaiming money as evil. An oft-repeated tale has him entering his manager's office with a shotgun, demanding that his royalty checks be discontinued.

The single was released in two parts. Radio stations usually play the A-side, “Oh Well (part 1)video. The B-side is “Oh Well (part 2)video, an orchestral piece that sounds completely different. Both parts were written by Peter Green and go together on the album, but Green has very strong feelings about which is the better part.

“The best bit was “Part 2video on the other side of the record”, he told Mojo in 1996. “You miss the best bit, the Spanish guitar break. The first side was what we played on stage. I didn't think it would be a hit and I used to hate playing that one because we played the part that wasn't as good. I wanted a bit of moody guitar playing. They wanted the bit that was easy to do, that everyone knew.”

Mick Fleetwood was sure this song would go nowhere. He bet Green that it would tank.

Fleetwood Mac was six years away from their Stevie Nicks/Lindsey Buckingham era when this song was released. The lineup on this track was Peter Green (vocals, guitar), John McVie (bass), Danny Kirwan (guitar), Mick Fleetwood (drums), and Jeremy Spencer (piano).

The stop and start technique inspired Led Zeppelin to do the same thing on “Black Dogvideo.

Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes released a version on their 2000 album Live At The Greek.

Fleetwood Mac, official website / Billboard / All Music / Song Facts / Rock & Roll Hall of Fame / Fleetwood Mac

Image: “Then Play On (album)” by Fleetwood Mac



● The first U.S. President to visit a foreign country while in office was Theodore Roosevelt, who traveled, in 1906, to watch the progress of a great adventure, in what country?

Answer to Trivia

● For what reason do Americans celebrate July 4 as a national holiday? What's the official name for this holiday?

Answer to Trivia

● The name of what type of animal comes from the Greek words meaning Terrible Lizard?

Answer to Trivia

● In 1829, British statesman Sir Robert Peel established some organization in London, and ever since, its members have been identified by his nickname. What is it?

Answer to Trivia


A Test for People Who Know Everything

From the Jeopardy Archives Category - “BEERS BY STATE” ($200)

“Samuel Adams.”

Answer for People Who Do Not Know Everything, or Want to Verify Their Answer Samuel Adams

From the Jeopardy Archives Category - “BEERS BY STATE” ($800)


Answer for People Who Do Not Know Everything, or Want to Verify Their Answer Yuengling

From the Jeopardy Archives Category - “BEERS BY STATE” ($1,000)

“Shiner Bock.”

Answer for People Who Do Not Know Everything, or Want to Verify Their Answer Shiner Bock

Answer to Last Week's Test

From the Jeopardy Archives Category - “WORD ORIGINS” ($200)

“Cheers to you if you know that this potent potable derives its name from the Russian word for 'water'.”

● Answer: “D-Day”. Irish Times

From the Jeopardy Archives Category - “WORD ORIGINS” ($400)

“From the Middle Dutch word for "ship" comes this term for the captain of a small ship or boat.”

● Answer: A-frame. Wikipedia

From the Jeopardy Archives Category - “WORD ORIGINS” ($1,000)

“Bacteria comes from a Greek word meaning 'small stic'; this related word goes back to the Greek for 'small' & 'life'.”

● Answer: F-stop. Genetics.Utah.edu

Joke of the Day

Joke of the Day

“Google's Pizza”

Joke of the Day

“Google's Pizza”

“Hello! Gordon's pizza?”

“No sir it's Google's pizza.”

“So it's a wrong number? Sorry”

“No sir, Google bought it.”

“OK. Take my order please”

“Well sir, you want the usual?”

“The usual? You know me?”

“According to our caller ID data sheet, in the last 12 times, you ordered pizzawith cheeses, sausage, thick crust.”

“OK! This is it ...”

“May I suggest to you this time ricotta, arugula with dry tomato.?”

“What? I hate vegetables.”

“Your cholesterol is not good, sir.”

“How do you know?”

“We crossed the number of your fixed line with your name, through the subscribers guide.”

“We have the result of your blood tests for the last 7 years.”

“Okay, but I do not want this pizza!,I already take medicine ...”

“Excuse me, but you have not taken the medicine regularly, from our commercial database, 4 months ago, you only purchased a box with 30 cholesterol tablets at Drugsale Network.”

“I bought more from another drugstore.”

“It's not showing on your credit card statement.”

“I paid in cash.”

“But you did not withdraw that much cash according to your bank statement.”

I have have other source of cash.”

“This is not showing as per you last Tax form unless you bought them from undeclared income source.”


“I'm sorry, sir, we use such information only with the intention of helping you.”

“Enough! I'm sick of google, facebook, twitter, WhatsApp. I'm going to an Island without internet, cable TV, where there is no cell phone line and no one to watch me or spy on me.”

“I understand sir, but you need to renew your passport first as it has expired 5 weeks ago.”