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Pearl Harbor bombed on December 7, 1941

Pearl Harbor bombed on December 7, 1941

Pearl Harbor bombed At 7:55 a.m. Hawaii time, a Japanese dive bomber bearing the red symbol of the Rising Sun of Japan on its wings appears out of the clouds above the island of Oahu. A swarm of 360 Japanese warplanes followed, descending on the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor in a ferocious assault. The surprise attack struck a critical blow against the U.S. Pacific fleet and drew the United States irrevocably into World War II.

With diplomatic negotiations with Japan breaking down, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his advisers knew that an imminent Japanese attack was probable, but nothing had been done to increase security at the important naval base at Pearl Harbor. It was Sunday morning, and many military personnel had been given passes to attend religious services off base. At 7:02 a.m., two radar operators spotted large groups of aircraft in flight toward the island from the north, but, with a flight of B-17s expected from the United States at the time, they were told to sound no alarm. Thus, the Japanese air assault came as a devastating surprise to the naval base.

Much of the Pacific fleet was rendered useless: Five of eight battleships, three destroyers, and seven other ships were sunk or severely damaged, and more than 200 aircraft were destroyed. A total of 2,400 Americans were killed and 1,200 were wounded, many while valiantly attempting to repulse the attack. Japan’s losses were some 30 planes, five midget submarines, and fewer than 100 men. Fortunately for the United States, all three Pacific fleet carriers were out at sea on training maneuvers. These giant aircraft carriers would have their revenge against Japan six months later at the Battle of Midway, reversing the tide against the previously invincible Japanese navy in a spectacular victory.

The day after Pearl Harbor was bombed, President Roosevelt appeared before a joint session of Congress and declared, “Yesterday, December 7, 1941–a date which will live in infamy–the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.” After a brief and forceful speech, he asked Congress to approve a resolution recognizing the state of war between the United States and Japan. The Senate voted for war against Japan by 82 to 0, and the House of Representatives approved the resolution by a vote of 388 to 1. The sole dissenter was Representative Jeannette Rankin of Montana, a devout pacifist who had also cast a dissenting vote against the U.S. entrance into World War I. Three days later, Germany and Italy declared war against the United States, and the U.S. government responded in kind.

The American contribution to the successful Allied war effort spanned four long years and cost more than 400,000 American lives.

History Channel / Wikipedia / Encyclopedia Britannica / Pearl Harbor Oahu / National Park Service / Pearl Harbor - Dec. 7, 1941 - The only color film of the attack (YouTube)video

“Song for All Seas, All Ships”

The Old Salt’s Corner

“Song for All Seas, All Ships”

from Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman (first published in 1882 edition)

- 1 -

To-day a rude brief recitative,

Of ships sailing the Seas, each with its special flag or ship-signal;

Of unnamed heroes in the ships—Of waves spreading and spreading, far as the eye can reach;

Of dashing spray, and the winds piping and blowing;

And out of these a chant, for the sailors of all nations,

Fitful, like a surge.

Of Sea-Captains young or old, and the Mates—and of all intrepid Sailors;

Of the few, very choice, taciturn, whom fate can never surprise, nor death dismay,

Pick’d sparingly, without noise, by thee, old Ocean—chosen by thee,

Thou Sea, that pickest and cullest the race, in Time, and unitest Nations!

Suckled by thee, old husky Nurse—embodying thee!

Indomitable, untamed as thee.

(Ever the heroes, on water or on land, by ones or twos appearing,

Ever the stock preserv’d, and never lost, though rare—enough for seed preserv’d.)

- 2 -

Flaunt out O Sea, your separate flags of nations!

Flaunt out, visible as ever, the various ship-signals!

But do you reserve especially for yourself, and for the soul of man, one flag above all the rest,

A spiritual woven Signal, for all nations, emblem of man elate above death,

Token of all brave captains, and all intrepid sailors and mates,

And all that went down doing their duty;

Reminiscent of them’ twined from all intrepid captains, young or old;

A pennant universal, subtly waving, all time, o’er all brave sailors,

All seas, all ships.

~ Walt Whitman (1882)

“I’m Just Sayin’”

“I’m Just Sayin”

“There is a minimum possible amount of energy required to change one bit of information.”

~ Landauer's principle

“Thought for the Day”

“Thought for the Day”

“Life will let you get away with something for a while,

but sooner or later, you will pay the price.

Everything you do in life

causes the effects that you experience.

When you get the bill, be prepared to pay.”

~ Iyanla Vanzant

“What I Have Learned”

“What I Have Learned”

“Every time you subtract negative from your life,

you make room for more positive.”

~ Anonymous

Bizarre News (we couldn’t make up stuff this good – real news story)

Bizarre News (we couldn’t make up stuff this good – real news story)

Iowa rescue dog odd couple “always cuddling”

Iowa rescue dog odd couple “always cuddling”

DES MOINES, Iowa - Two dogs at an Iowa animal rescue shelter have become an inseparable pair despite a significant difference in their sizes.

Meet our resident odd couple! Chewbacca and little CC are pretty much always cuddling when we walk by their kennel – and that usually means CC is somehow draped over Chewy.

These 2 love going on walks and car rides and being involved in whatever you’re doing. They’ve lived with cats and dogs and would be a wonderful fit for a relaxed home. Their bond is undeniable, so they must be adopted together. What a perfect pair to share your life with! Meet them today at ARL Main!

UPI (10/14/2016) - Animal Rescue League video

What’s the Difference Between a Psychopath and a Sociopath?

Mr. Answer Man Please Tell Us: What’s the Difference Between a Psychopath and a Sociopath?

Society has conspired with Hollywood to put two seemingly-sexy psychology terms into our collective consciousness — psychopath and sociopath. Psychopath and sociopath are pop psychology terms for what psychiatry calls an antisocial personality disorder. These two terms are not really well-defined in the psychology research literature, and so there is some confusion about them.

Nonetheless, there are some general similarities as well as differences between these two personality types. Both types of personality have a pervasive pattern of disregard for the safety and rights of others. Deceit and manipulation are central features to both types of personality. Contrary to popular belief, a psychopath or sociopath is not necessarily violent.

The common features of a psychopath and sociopath lie in their shared diagnosis - antisocial personality disorder. The DSM-51 defines antisocial personality as someone have 3 or more of the following traits:

1. Regularly breaks or flouts the law.

2. Constantly lies and deceives others.

3. Is impulsive and doesn’t plan ahead.

4. Can be prone to fighting and aggressiveness.

5. Has little regard for the safety of others.

6. Irresponsible, can’t meet financial obligations

7. Doesn’t feel remorse or guilt.

Traits of a Psychopath

Psychology researchers generally believe that psychopaths tends to be born — it’s likely a genetic predisposition — while sociopaths tend to be made by their environment. (Which is not to say that psychopaths may not also suffer from some sort of childhood trauma.) Psychopathy might be related to physiological brain differences. Research has shown psychopaths have underdeveloped components of the brain commonly thought to be responsible for emotion regulation and impulse control.

Are you a psychopath? Take the Psychopathy Quiz to find out!

Traits of a Sociopath

Researchers tend to believe that sociopathy is the result of environmental factors, such as a child or teen’s upbringing in a very negative household that resulted in physical abuse, emotional abuse, or childhood trauma.

Sociopaths, in general, tend to be more impulsive and erratic in their behavior than their psychopath counterparts. While also having difficulties in forming attachments to others, some sociopaths may be able to form an attachment to a like-minded group or person. Unlike psychopaths, most sociopaths don’t hold down long-term jobs or present much of a normal family life to the outside world.

Who is More Dangerous?

Both psychopaths and sociopaths present risks to society, because they will often try and live a normal life while coping with their disorder. But psychopathy is likely the more dangerous disorder, because they experience a lot less guilt connected to their actions.

Medical DailyMental FlossPsych CentralPsychology TodayPsychopathy - Sociopathy WikipediaWeb MD

Where Did That Saying Come From? “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”

Where Did That Saying Come From?

You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar:”  Meaning: Flies represents anything you want to achieve. Honey (sweet) represents anything pleasant that you do to get what you want. Vinegar (sour) represents anything unpleasant that you do to get what you want. It tells you to use nice methods rather than unkind methods in dealing with other people.

Origin: The proverb has been traced back to G. Torriano's 'Common Place of Italian Proverbs'.

“It first appeared in the United States in Benjamin Franklin's 'Poor Richard's Almanac' in 1744, and is found in varying forms...” From “Random House Dictionary of Popular Proverbs and Sayings” by Gregory Y. Titelman (Random House, New York, 1996).

English Stack Exchange

NAVSPEAK aka U.S. Navy Slang - U.S. Navy America's Navy - A Global Force For Good

NAVSPEAK aka U.S. Navy Slang

MEDCRUISE: A float (operational cruise) in the Mediterranean Sea. Atlantic Fleet equivalent to a Pacific Fleet WESTPAC.

Mess Crank or Mess Bitch: (pejorative) A sailor who works on the mess deck, not rated as a cook.

Mess Decks: Chow Hall or Eating Establishment on board ship.

Mess Deck Intelligence: Rumors (mostly false) that spread throughout the ship like wildfire. Often concern radical changes to the ship's schedule. See “Rumor Control” or “Scuttlebutt”.

Mess line: The straight line of the buttoned shirt over the fly of the trousers. Also, a joke played on new sailors, who are told to obtain a coil of it (line being the Navy word for rope).

Just for MARINES - U.S. Marines Marines - The Few. The Proud.

Just for you MARINE

MRE: Meal, Ready-to-Eat, standard U.S. field ration. Sometimes jokingly referred to with backronyms such as “Meals Rejected by the Enemy”, “Meals Rejected by Ethiopia”, “Meal, Rotten to Eject”, “Meals Rarely Eaten”, “Meal, Refusing to Exit”, “Meal, Reluctant to Exit”, “Mister E”, or the “Three Lies for the Price of One”.

MRE bomb: Bursting plastic bag made from chemical heating pouches found inside of a standard MRE.

Naval Aviation Squadron Nicknames

Naval Aviation Squadron Nicknames

HSM-79 - Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron: “Griffins”
Naval Air Station North Island, San Diego, California / Coronado, California

The Strange, Mysterious or Downright Weird

The Strange, Mysterious or Downright Weird

How the Heck Did Black Widow Spider DNA Get Inside a Virus?

How Did Black Widow Spider DNA Get Inside a Virus?

Scientists have found some toxic DNA lurking inside a virus that infects bacteria. In addition to its own genes, the virus holds a gene for black widow spider venom and DNA from other animals, the researchers found. The findings suggest that either the virus snagged this foreign genetic material or that these other animals have stolen DNA from the virus, the researchers said.

Future research could find that such swapping across domains of life, from the most complex to the most ancient, is more common than previously thought, scientists say. Live Science (11/11/2016) video

© CEASAR CHOPPY by cartoonist Marty Gavin - archives Ceasar Choppy's Navy! “© CEASAR CHOPPY” by Marty Gavin


“The Warrior” - Scandal 1984

“The Warrior” - Scandal
Album: The Warrior
Released 1984 video

This was written by Holly Knight along with Nick Gilder of “Hot Child In The City” fame. With the battle/love theme, the song is similar to Pat Benatar's “Love Is A Battlefieldvideo, which Knight also wrote. She says of this track: “I've had people come up to me over the years time and time again, the deepest darkest bands with every piercing and possible tattoo on them, and they're like, 'Dude, that song was so good, I want to re-cut that song.'”

This was the biggest hit for Scandal, whose lead singer Patty Smyth had a #2 U.S. hit in 1992 with “Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enoughvideo, a duet with Don Henley. Smyth married tennis star John McEnroe in 1997.

By 1984, some record companies, including Scandal's label Columbia, had departments dedicated to music videos, since MTV was such a powerful promotional tool. The clip was deliriously bizarre. Instead of the band, we a guy who looks like one of the Thundercats dance-fighting around various other costumed creatures. Smyth appears in body paint and a short haircut, making the appropriately cheesy finger pistol gestures during the “bang bang” parts, a bit that Scandal's concert goers would imitate whenever they played the song live.

“When I saw the video, I was crestfallen,” Smyth said in the book I Want My MTV. “I had no idea it would look like an off-Broadway production of Cats.”

Scandal official site / Rolling Stone magazine / Biography / Billboard / All Music / Song Facts / Wikipedia

Image: “The Warrior (album)” by Scandal



● GERMAN SHEPHERDS / LABRADOR RETRIEVERS, GOLDEN RETRIEVERS are the two breeds of dog most commonly used as seeing-eye dogs or guide dogs for the blind.

● The tangerine, exported from Tangiers was named after the city Tangerine, Morocco.

● “In God We Trust” first appeared on the 1864 U.S. two-cent coin.

Joke of the Day

Joke of the Day

You are on a horse, galloping at a constant speed.

On your right side is a sharp drop off, and on your left side is an elephant traveling at the same speed as you.

Directly in front of you is another galloping horse but your horse is unable to overtake it.

Behind you is a lion running at the same speed as you and the horse in front of you.

What must you do to safely get out of this highly dangerous situation?

Get your drunk ass off the merry-go-round!

Pun of the Day

You know prices are rising when you buy a winter jacket and even down is up.